In response to the Coronavirus pandemic the Australian federal Government created the COVIDSafe app in an effort to reduce the spread of Coronavirus by finding and informing people that have been in close contact of people with COVID-19. This app helps state and territory officials to identify people who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and lets the government inform them of their risk of transmitting the virus onto other people.
The Australian Government is also rolling out the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to priority groups across Australia from February to reduce the effect of COVID-19 on the community.

The Australian Government is establishing GP respiratory clinics around the country to assess people with fever, cough, a sore throat, or shortness of breath. In junction with this the  Australian Government is providing many support packages to combat the economic damage caused by lock downs country-wide, such as $17.6 billion economic support package to encourage investment and keep people in jobs, a $2.4 billion health package, $669 million to expand Medicare-subsidised telehealth services for all Australians.

The majority of COVID-19 related regulations and Health Orders are enforced and created on a state basis to better minimise the spread between communities for each States particular predicament.

Weekly ‘traffic light’ reports of each state and territories situation are being published via the Australian Department of health, which can be found here.